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Monday 4 October 2010

Bad Timing or Bad Media Planning? 10 Horrifying (and Funny) Online Ad Placements Posted 01 October 2010 11:16am by Jake Hird

At a recent roundtable event held by ValueClick Media, a topic that came up briefly was that of the danger of using blind networks to advertise, as this can result in display ads appearing alongside content that can be contradictory - or even damaging - to the brand or product.

Although this wasn’t the topic of the table, which was focused primarily upon the convergence and optimisation of online advertising, it got me thinking about the examples I’ve seen floating around the internet where poor placement has resulted in a cringeworthy visual. (Judging by where the majority of these ads have been seen, advertising on news sites can be a risky business...)

By my own admission, some of the examples I’ve pulled out have been around for a bit, and all are terribly tongue-in-cheek. So consider this a warning: If easily offended, don’t read any further. For those who can appreciate a bit of black humour and can understand the importance of carefully planned and placed media, read on.

1. Want to grill like an expert?

2. Hooray for beer!

3. Free dinner for two

4. Samsung blast

5. We've got you under our wing

6. Toyota

7. Dad, what would happen...

8. Evian

9. Point. Shoot. Wow.

10. Win a mini-break in gorgeous Greece...

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